30 Day Facebook Challenge

I decided, kind of on a whim but also kind of incredibly premeditatedly, to do a 30 Day Facebook Fast. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I was talking to my roommate and just decided now is the time.

Facebook is somewhat of an obsession of mine. I don’t post incessantly, but I’m definitely on it, like, all day. If I’m not scrolling through my Facebook feed, I’m creeping on people’s pages, watching stupid videos, and overall just wasting my time on a website that contributes almost nothing to my overall happiness. In fact, I could almost say that it causes me way more stress and anxiety than it does enriches my life. To me, Facebook is the mental equivalent of the phrase “ummm….” If my brain isn’t doing something for any length of time, I check Facebook. It’s like a weird, constant tic.

In doing this 30 day fast, my hope is that I will be less focused on what other people think of me. I’m hoping I’ll be more aware of my surroundings and not always buried in my phone. My plan is also to work on my life: my health, my environment, my mental well-being. I’m going to track how many books I read, how many hours I spend exercising, and my overall status and see how much I can accomplish in one month. I will also probably be blogging a lot more because I apparently need to get my thoughts into the internet in some way or another.

So here we go! I’m off Facebook until October 17th at 10:00 pm! Wish me luck!



One thought on “30 Day Facebook Challenge

  1. Good luck to you. I somewhat did this before school started when I reduced my tv and facebook time to an hour and a half a day but I have come to realize thast only my TV time really changed. I still find myself sucked into fb and then wonder why I’m so behind in my homework. I’m interested to hear/read what you noticed as far as changes when and/or if you decide to step back on. Enjoy your month! 😊


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