I Am Addicted to Buying Books That I’ll Never Read

I have a problem. To be honest, I have many problems. But one of my problems is this: I have this strong compulsion to purchase large quantities of books. You’ll think to yourself, “But Katelynn, that’s not really that big of a deal! Lots of people buy lots of books, and go on to live full, complete lives without wasting precious blog space discussing the fact.” Yeah, but typically those people actually read those books. At least half of them, at least. But not me. I purchase books and think to myself, “I’m not going to read this. I need to put this back. I have no room in my life for this book.” And yet, every single time, I black out in the thrift store and walk out 15 minutes later carrying 5-6 new books. Here are actual rationalizations I’ve used to justify purchasing a new book, despite having dozens and dozens of unread books:

  • I will absolutely read this book. “Puppies for Dummies”?! YES. I will be the world’s best dog owner. Besides, I practically own all of Cesar Milan’s books. I’ll start a whole section of books dedicated to my little wolf. I should also probably read those Cesar Milan books…
  • Do I need another Isaac Asimov book? I mean, I cannot seem to open a science fiction book for more than 20 seconds without letting out a disgusted “UGH” and throwing it across the room. But maybe this book will open my eyes and cause me to fall in love with the genre. And then I can actually participate in conversations with all of my super cool acquaintances that just live and breathe the sci-fi genre. Will owning an Isaac Asimov book make me look smart? Yes, it will. 
  • Malcolm Gladwell? Isn’t he a character from Jurassic Park? No, that’s Dr. Ian Malcolm. I think. Oh that’s right, I overheard someone talk about a podcast they listened to that referenced Malcolm Gladwell. Apparently he’s absolutely brilliant. Ugh, podcasts are the worst. I’m so sick of people telling me about a podcast they heard. People who listen to podcasts are so pretentious. Maybe I’m just jealous that I don’t have the attention-span for podcasts? No, no they’re just pretentious. Anyway, this book looks kind of interesting. Maybe I can buy it and read it on a plane. Also, I should really look into podcasts…
  • I have tried reading several Neil Gaiman books. They absolutely do not capture my attention, but maybe this one will…
  • This book is on every Top 100 Books Ever in the History of the Universe. I need to buy it. It changed lives! It’s a bestseller! This rationale has influenced my decision to buy far too many books that I’m never going to read. I’m looking at you, “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

I’m pretty sure my dog has read more of “Puppies for Dummies” than I have. And you know what the weird part is, I read most of my books on my iPad. I have a monthly subscription to Scribd, which allows me to find and download thousands of books almost instantaneously. Which segues to my next blog post perfectly, which will be titled “I Am Addicted to Downloading Books on Scribd That I’ll Never Read.”


3 thoughts on “I Am Addicted to Buying Books That I’ll Never Read

  1. Hi…my name is katie and im a bookaholic..welcome. Can i have your handmaids tale? 🙂 it’s on my to read this…and because i have a book addiction like you I have had to put all the books I have read on good reads as a virtual bookshelf because I can’t remember all that I own!! But…the benefit is it also gives suggestions of books to read based on the ones you rate that you liked and it’s helped shape my bookshelf..ie: choices…plus good reads also sends me a monthly genre release email with even more suggestions…which now that i type all this is a little scary to think about…my want to read shelf is about 145 strong at the moment!!


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