Stupid dreams!

I have very frequent, vivid dreams. I have for the past few years. I’ll typically wake up in the morning having strong recollection of multiple dreams I’d had throughout the night. Unfortunately, for some reason, I have very productive dreams. What I mean by that is, I spent my sleeping dream time to work on my to-do list. I make phone calls I should (but don’t want to) make, take care of menial tasks that are dreadfully tedious, and pretty much work on my ever-present running chore list. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you think about it, but it does tend to mess with my psyche. First off, why am I spending my relaxing time doing things I don’t want to do? Even if it’s just while I’m asleep, I should be dreaming of flying and talking animals, not setting up chiropractor appointments and doing the dishes.

The equally as frustrating part of this ordeal is the fact that when I wake up, I assume these tasks are complete. I just spent thirty dream minutes doing these dishes, just for them to resurface?! What the actual heck? And then I have to do the chore twice!

Whatever. Stupid dreams.


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